- Land Use and Planning

Earl has adopted land use regulations in concert with Cleveland County. All classifications and definitions are identical to those for Cleveland County. The County Planning Department administers Earl's land use policies and processes requests for changes and information.

Tract and boundary information, as well as other data, may be found on the Cleveland County web site, www.clevelandcounty.com, under the Tax Records/GIS header. County regulations and procedures are posted on the web as well.

The Cleveland County Planning Department contact info is:

Chris Martin
Cleveland County Planning 
PO Box 1210.Shelby.North Carolina 28151 
Voice 704.484.4979      Fax 704.484.4903 

Earl Town Council makes decisions on land use matters after input from citizens at public hearings as well as review and recommendations by the Isothermal Regional Planning Commission, the Cleveland County Planning Board, the Cleveland County Planning Department and the Earl Board of Adjustment